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Ventilation vents in the laundry-drying roomProfessional dryer vent cleaning from Duck Squad in Orlando is a great way to ensure there’s no dust and debris building up inside your dryer. If you’re ready for the yearly cleaning or you’re concerned about lint and buildup, let’s get an appointment scheduled so you can put your mind at ease.

Most homeowners aren’t aware of how important this yearly maintenance is. Duct cleaning helps to keep the lint from getting stuck inside the dryer as well as the ventilation hose that runs to the outdoors. If you’ve ever lived in a rental home, you probably know what it’s like to turn the dryer on and hear the debris getting shot out through the vent hose -definitely a bad sign. It’s not uncommon for these 20 year old dryers to have never been cleaned out.

If it’s been a while since your last dryer vent cleaning, give our Orlando duct cleaning company a call. We’re more than happy to discuss the process with you and give you a quote.

Why Get Dryer Vent Cleaning

Whether you rent or own your home in Orlando, getting the dryer cleaned is about fire safety and prevention. Dust and lint buildup is a big problem if you let the issue go on for too long, especially when it comes to gas dryers. Preventing fire is always a good idea, and this is one way to do so.

Some dryers are worse than others at collecting lint, especially the older models. Unfortunately, add any moisture to the mix from the wet clothes and steam created inside as they dry, and the lint sticks like glue to the inside of the machine as well as the ventilation hose that leads outdoors.

Before you know it, there’s a hardened layer of lint coating the inside of the vent hose. That paper-like layer just causes more of a blockage. What you don’t realize is how much lint is coating the inside of your dryer too. All of this then easily catch fire.

Whether it’s cleaning maintenance for your dryer or you need duct cleaning, we’re here to help you with the preventive services you need in Orlando or our other service areas.

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Make sure the dryer vent cleaning maintenance is done throughout the years and your dryer will be good to you. Dirty dryer vents mean that the machine has to work harder and run longer, and that means a higher energy bill. It also means that the strain of running in a dirty condition will wear out the dryer much sooner than if you had gotten the dryer vent cleaning every year.

Plus, dryers can run for a long time before they get the clothes dry. If your gas or electric dryer is running, it’s hot inside, and all that heat takes energy to generate. The vent removes the hot air, but it can’t do so when it’s blocked by lint and dust. The thicker and bigger the blockage gets, the more the dryer will strain to get the clothes dry.

With a good yearly schedule of getting dryer vent cleaning service by Duck Squad, you’ll enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Reduces energy consumption of drying clothes
  • Helps your dryer to last longer
  • Helps to prevent mechanical breakdown from strain
  • Reduces the risk of house fires
  • Helps to improve your indoor air quality
  • Helps to ensure even drying of clothing inside the machine
  • Helps to prevent overheating and the resulting damage it can do to clothes

Contact the Duck Squad today to schedule your dryer vent cleaning.

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  • Ari L.

    I had an awesome experience with Josh and his Duck Squad Company - set the appointment on a Wednesday, and he was able to come by Friday. I had purchased a new dryer and noticed that the 'check vent' light (red) was on, coupled with an AF code indicating there was an air flow problem. Since I had spent quite a bit on the dryer, I expected the 'good air flow' (green) light to be on! I contacted Lowes and they delivered me a new dryer, however same problem!! I knew then it was my vent problem and not a dryer problem. That's when I contacted Josh with Duck Squad. He was very personable and professional, even allowing me to lurk over his shoulder so I could see the mess he extracted from my dryer vent. Through discussion, it was clear that Josh is a family man and cares about conducting good business. And that he did! The green light is on and my drying time has significantly decreased! My only regret, is that I waited this long to get it cleaned and how much time, money, and energy was wasted from not doing so earlier. Thanks so much Josh and Duck Squad! I highly recommend!

  • David M.

    This was a great experience from start to finish. Friendly, informative staff in the office and the field. This was a great investment as we were all suffering from the mold in the ducts. We immediately began feeling better.

  • Jt S.

    Josh and Garrett are top knotch they were very attentive and explained every step to my wife and carried out the job without flaw. One of the very few company's that I don't have to worries about weather I am home or not in order to babysit. Great job guys and thanks again.

  • Brenda S.

    Very pleased with work performed by Josh, excellent results! We’ll recommend Duck Squad & Joshua to friends, family & neighbors.

  • Antje L.

    I had a problem with my clothes dryer. Made an appointment for the next day, service arrived super punctual. Josh Douglas cleaned out the dryer hose and dryer, solved the problem in no time. I would highly recommend this company and Josh in particular. He is very ethical and takes pride in his job. Thank you Josh!

  • Donovan Q

    Great high quality service, made sure everything was done precisely and was able to answer every question as well as give insightful suggestions. Above all else just a genuine loving person.

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